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Hi! I’m Dan. Nice to meet you!, it’s a pleasure to have you visiting my website!

Personal lifeI was born in a city called Pitesti, in Romania.

At 19 I moved to Bucharest for my University years and my first jobs and later on I left Romania to pursue my Master degree in the Netherlands. From there I went to other countries to work as a consultant.

EducationI hold a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Polytechnics University of Bucharest and a Master Degree in Computer Science from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Professional life I have been programming since I was 10. I’m 30 now so that makes it 20 years of programming. My first programming job was in 2007, so I have been involved in commercial projects for 10 years now.

I started out in Romania as a junior web developer. After my master in the Netherlands, I have been working as a web technology consultant in Paris, France. When I was at the peak of my corporate adventure, I took the decision to work by myself. Since then I have made over 30 websites in the past years as a freelancer. I use Drupal and WordPress for my sites and I can build them from ground up.

Why should you work with me?

If we can work together I will care about your project as if it were my own. I will also advice you on which aspects of the website you should concentrate, depending on the budget. The most important part of a web project is to make sure it converts the correct message. A lot of projects out there concentrate on all other aspects except that. I advice pragmatism first, eye candy later.




Hi, I’m Dan!

I have been coding for 20 years. I really know what I’m doing.


Yulia from

I have asked Dan to remake my site from scratch and I am really satisfied. By that time I was blogging for more than a year and it was time to move to a more professional look. He worked fast and understood right away what I wanted to achieve. Not a single bit of information was lost. As a pleasant bonus, he made the site light and that increased my traffic over 3,5 times over the year! Happy to recommend him!

Yulia –
Travel blogger

F+ Agency

I worked with Dan for more than 18 months on 2 of our greatest projects : Bic and Groupe Berdoues. He developed the platforms and provide us his knowledge and accuracy on our technical matters. His skills, kindness and availability are so precious to conclude big projects like those ones with success.

Arnaud Rosset – F+ Agency
Managing director, former Project Manager


Keep it Real: Pragmatism

I build project that convert.If you are a business, you need people to buy or inquire about your products or services.If you are a publisher you want people to come and spend as much time as possible on your site.If you are an NGO you want people to be drawn to your cause.

Your site should have one purpose: to convert your visitors to receive your message properly. I concentrate on that, the rest is just a bonus.

Keep it Going: Vision

A project is rarely finished after the first iteration. Ideas and opportunities arise. I take care that the platforms I release are easy to maintain and evolve. It is important to look in the future of the projects, not just address solely the immediate needs.

Keep it Cool: Stick to the Plan

Once the roadmap is settled, we can take detours when needed to implement a few more things then needed. It’s important not to get lost in unimportant details. In the long run, I stick to following the plan and I deliver the final product.

Keep it Smart: Innovation

Every project has its own particularities.Sometimes I can’t find solutions from my past experiences but I’m also not afraid to innovate. Plus, within the Web, each day brings new tools to the table. I’ll choose the most suitable for you. It works!

Keep it Ethical: Integrity

I’m happy to report 0 unethical practices in my projects.I keep things within the standard coding procedures, making your project easy to maintain and evolve. Cutting corners would make things more complicated for you, and would just ruin my coding karma.

Keep it Hot: Passion

I like what I’m doing. I wake up with no alarm and I don’t drink coffee to turn the ignition on. Because I am passionate of what I do, I get excited and dedicated about my projects. I’m going to love working on your project as well and I am going to make something we are both proud of!



Anytime and anywhere. I am ready and happy to be working on a web project. My goal is to provide businesses with the best possible gateway for online success. It is the passion for what I do which grants me with the power to achieve these positive results. I love what I do, and it shows in my work. If you’re as well in love with your business and want to show it to the world, you came to the right place.



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