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I had a fruitful collaboration with F+ Agency , counting in total 6 healthy projects. I was lucky to collaborate with a team of very talented designers and professional project managers.

Their client, Berdoues, ordered 3 websites.This particular one was a brand presentation site for the Berdoues company. The company features several sub-brands, some of which are well known.

The third project was the most challenging one. However, up to this day it is one of the best looking websites I was hired to make. The designer had some brilliant ideas, which, in turn, made the implementation slower. In the end, the result was well worth the time spent on the project.

"I worked with Dan for more than 18 months on 2 of our greatest projects : Bic and Groupe Berdoues. He developped the platforms and provide us his knowledge and accuracy on our technical matters. His skills, kidness and availabilty are so precious to conclude big projects like those ones with success"

- Arnaud Rosset - Managing Director F+ Agency

To see a more detailed description of the goals, solution and results of this project I invite you to scroll down.


Create a brand website for Berdoues.

Integrate the designs required by the client.

Assure a number of backend functionalities which were not covered by the existing Drupal 7 contributed modules.

Create an easy to use backend dashboard.


I created a custom Drupal 7 theme for this project. To this day, one of the best themes I created.

Besides the theme, I created a few Drupal modules to satisfy the client's needs. The most obvious feature created in this way is the fragrance finder.

As usual, I assured the migration to the hosting server, support and maintenance.


Berdoues can now present their perfumes on a very modern website with a unique design.

The technical challenges were overpassed, and the project was a success.


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