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I have asked Dan to remake my site from scratch and I am really satisfied. By that time I was blogging for more than a year and it was time to move to a more professional look. He worked fast and understood right away what I wanted to achieve. Not a single bit of information was lost. As a pleasant bonus, he made the site light and that increased my traffic over 3,5 times over the year! Happy to recommend him!


Misstourist is a travel blog focused on smart travelling. It is run by Yulia, a Russian blogger who gives tips on smart travelling: how to have a vacation without overpaying and getting the best experiences in certain places.

This project was a site evolution project. The client wished to give a fresh look to her website, and to give the new site all the technical advantages to gain more traffic, user engagement and social interaction.

To see a more detailed description of the goals, solution and results of this project I invite you to scroll down.


The primary goal was to change the design of the old site into a new more engaging site. The purpose was to increase the user interaction, increase the pageviews per session and the time on page of the users.


The design of the site concentrated on a new navigation system, and the interlinking of articles. More cross references between posts were added and the sidebar was completely remade.The main page was designed to stimulate people to browse more and raise their interest in the site's content.

Technically, a new social share system was implemented, the site switched to https, a site speed optimization was performed and the image and their generated sizes were optimized as well.


The new site performed great from the begining. In two months traffic started steadily raising with 15% per month. The bounce rate decreased from 70% to 24% and there were significant increases on the time spent on the site from 2 to 6 minutes in average.


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