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Why switch to https?

HTTPS  is the new standard

For a while now Google has rewarded websites that are servered through https with better ranking within search results. It's also a way to respect your visitors, as the SSL certificate will encrypt any data that the visitors send through your website.
Recently, Google started to mark some websites which are not on https as unsafe. It's time to switch, before it becomes mandatory.

What does this service include?

The http to https switch is a professional service I offer to help you gain a boost with search rankings by securing your site. You won't have to worry about anything technical, I'll do all the work.
This is what the service includes:

  • SSL activation
  • 301 Redirects in .htaccess so you keep your SEO rankings
  • Mixed content warnings and errors fix (so that your lock is green not red)
  • Internal URL rewriting (http->https)
  • Google Search Console and Analytics instructions
  • Social Share Counts recovery

I received an email from Google telling me that I need to switch to https, should I do it?

Google started emailing sites they index when they contain certain input tags that allow private data to be shared in a not secure manner.

As a way to make internet safer for the users, they are trying to force in this way that any input fields (such as the ones in your contact form) do not send not encrypted information through the internet. If you switch your site through https, nothing that you send from the contact form will be sent in plain text format, but rather as an encoded string of complicated characters.

If you got this email, you should not panic. You will not be penalized immediately. In the same time, make sure to address this as soon as possible. If you don't have the technical skills to do it, I am here to help. Just write me a message using the contact form below.

Some examples

Here are some websites I recently did the switch for


Please, let me know any particular things to check.

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