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Do you need some work done on your site?
I work on WordPress site every day, I can surely give you a hand!

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I have been coding for 20 years now, and I never had an uncompleted task. 10 years of commercial projects and 30+ sites as a freelancer make me very confident that I can solve anything. If you decide to work with me, I'll care about your site as if it was my own.

I like getting involved in new projects and giving them new opportunities to grow. Tell me what your WordPress site needs, and I'll make it happen.

Site Evolutions

Do you need some features added to your site? I'll find the best solution that integrates well with your existing setup, so that nothing breaks.

Fix your website

Something got broken? However bad it sounds, I will fix it. I really know my debugging, I'll fix and polish your site!

Site Migration & HTTPS Integration

If you need to change hosts or implement https, I got you covered. I know it can be stressful at times to dive in these technical matters, so now, you can let me do the job and just relax about it.

Custom Development

Do you need a new theme, feature or plugin custom made for your site? I'll build your perfect module, it will do exactly what you want it to do!

Bug Fixing

If there's something extremely annoying on your site that won't go away or it disrupts your visitors from your content, I'll find and remove it. Debugging is one of my favorite tasks!

Let me help you!

Let me know what you need right now and I'll make you a fair quote on it.

Let me give you a hand
I can help you place your idea online, to accessible to millions of users!

Please, let me know any particular things to check.

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