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service-detail-1Site Speed Optimization is fundamental to success.

Having a short loading time will earn your site a higher ranking in search results. I have designed a step by step method to decrease the loading speed of sites, and bring them close to the industry's ideal benchmarks.

Site speed is the a very strong factor taken in consideration by search engines search algorithms. 

Why is loading speed so important?

Higher conversion rates

Each second gained can increase the conversion rate up to 7%.

More page views

Studies show up to 16% more page views per second gained.

More traffic!

There's no secret - if you give your users a fast browsing experience, search engines will reward you with better rankings in searches.

Happier users!

Users are more likely to come and visit your site again if they don't have to wait too much to load your site. Visitors are picky: 46% of them are unlikely to return to a slow site!

So what do I do?

I make your website load a lot faster!

I turn THIS

site speed optimization statistics requests grade


These are performance reports of my site's performance. The first one is before the optimization was made, the second one is after.


What does the service include?

Basic service

Image optimization

If images are large they will slow down the site. I'll reduce their size to the minimum allowed without losing their quality.

Request number reduction

2. The more requests your server delivers to the users the more it needs to work, slowing down the page speed. I'll reduce the number of requests so that your site will be delivered faster.

Resource minification

3. Especially if you have a generic or premium theme and many plugins, your are loading a lot of extra useless resources. I'll minify and combine them all to be severed faster.

Cache configuration

4. Configuration of the cache depends on the hosting its server configuration. Let me handle that, I know what I'm doing.

Hosting migration

5. If you are unlucky and your hosting server is too slow, a change of host will help you gain up to a few seconds of load time. I can recommend you fast solutions for very fair prices.

Site Speed Indicators evolution

6. I'll bring your scores on the Pingdom and GTMetrix speed benchmarks to 85 or more, in the green.

Advanced service

Above the fold optimization

If you are really serious about site speed and conversion, I'll optimize your pages to load the above the fold content extremely fast. You can use the extra time gained to engage your visitor.

CDN configuration

2. Gain even more speed by serving your static resources from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Plugin Audit and Optimization

3. Your server can be slow also because plugins are slowing down your application. I'll check which ones are slowing you down and replace them with lighter versions.

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